The 2015 Release of Adobe Creative Cloud

This release is for the artist who captures the colors of the sunset on the way home from his studio. For the designer who starts an ad layout on her iPad during her commute and finishes it on her desktop when she gets to work. For the photographer who wants to expand the reach of his work to a global community of buyers. And for the Creative Director who wants a secure way for her team to design, collaborate and access their creative assets. Creative Cloud customers are as diverse as the work they produce, but their desire to work without constraint, whenever and wherever an idea strikes them, is universally shared.

Last year at MAX, we started a journey to connect you to all of your work and assets. We introduced an integrated asset layer in Creative Cloud that lets you work anywhere, in any app, across desktop, mobile and web. Your content moves with you seamlessly from app to app and is always at your fingertips.   We introduced mobile apps that are seamless extensions of your desktop apps and drive truly connected workflows. And we established a rich marketplace where you can find and share assets and connect with others in the creative community.

This connected workflow approach is working – and you’re telling us that you can finally work the way you want to. Today’s 2015 Release of Creative Cloud doubles down on connected workflows for creative individuals, teams and enterprises who want to create across desktop and mobile, and who want to leverage the community and content that matters most to them.

So what’s new today?

Connected Assets and Applications

Creativity doesn’t just happen when you’re tethered to your desktop. It strikes on its own terms, when you’re on your way to work, relaxing at a coffee shop or traveling with your family and friends.

Our new mobile apps use the same technology as our desktop apps so you can create production quality assets on the go. And you can be confident that your creative assets are always with you because our mobile and desktop apps use our powerful CreativeSync technology so you can start your work on any device and pick it up where you left off on another. We also announced major updates to many of our Creative Cloud mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, and we released Android versions of Brush CC, Shape CC, Color CC and Photoshop Mix – to bring connected mobile workflows to millions of creatives worldwide.

But, of course, we also have major new innovation in our desktop apps, including Adobe magic, productivity and performance breakthroughs across 15 CC desktop applications. You should check out the details in this Creative Cloud blog, but here are a few of the things I am most excited about:

  • Create naturally with Touch in Lightroom, Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Mercury performance brings two times the speed to InDesign; 10 times the speed to Illustrator; and an incredible 120 times the speed to some tasks in Photoshop.
  • Premiere Pro makes color workflows so intuitive and easy, they are now accessible to everyone.
  • A new set of features in Photoshop have mobile app and website designers in mind. The first is Artboards, which lets you create multiple layouts in different sizes for different screens and lay them out within a single document. The next is Preview CC for real-time previews of your mobile app and responsive web designs on actual iOS devices. And finally, there’s a preview release of Photoshop Design Space, a sleek new work environment focused on the needs of mobile app and web site designers.
  • And for photography enthusiasts, we can now eliminate fog and haze in photos with the new Dehaze feature in Lightroom and Photoshop.

But in my mind the best thing about this release is how CreativeSync ties everything together. We took 25 years of art and science from our core creative technologies and made them available across desktop, mobile and web and built this on top of an exclusive technology platform that we call CreativeSync. CreativeSync ensures that your assets, including fonts, colors, photos or files flow seamlessly across the devices you use so you can start your creative work on mobile and pick it up later on desktop.

Connecting the CC mobile apps to the CC desktop apps changes everything. Photoshop is no longer just a desktop app – it spans both desktop and mobile and frees you up to create with the freedom you deserve.



Introducing Adobe Stock

We introduced the Creative Cloud marketplace with a new service called Talent Search at MAX last year. Today, we’re proud to introduce our brand new addition to this marketplace – Adobe Stock. This is the only stock service deeply integrated into the creative apps you use every day. Adobe Stock is connected to Creative Cloud through CreativeSync, so any stock images you select for preview or purchase in Adobe Stock are instantly available within our desktop and mobile apps. And any edits you make on a watermarked image are instantly applied when you license the image later, potentially saving you hours. We have 40 million pieces of high-impact creative content for print, web and mobile app projects, and know you will find the perfect photos, illustrations and graphics, covering virtually every subject.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

And finally, I want to share some big steps we’re taking for our enterprise customers. Enterprise creative teams are experiencing big changes in the way they create and connect content for digital audiences. It used to be sufficient to create content for a web site on desktop. Then mobile devices. Then syndication to social media. But now enterprises need to deliver personalized content across all of these devices. Enterprises need more content velocity to successfully market to today’s digital audiences.

I’m excited to share that this connected asset workflow is now available as part of Creative Cloud for enterprise, so creative teams can create, collaborate and publish content more efficiently and have the much needed content velocity they need – with the security of dedicated storage behind the firewall. We also announced that this asset based workflow has deeper integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud and DPS for efficient content publishing and measurement. Check out the product details to learn more about Creative Cloud for enterprise.



Check out to learn how to leverage all the new capabilities.

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