Review: Adobe InDesign 2020

Adobe InDesign’s latest release brings key updates that many users have been asking for.

InDesign will now support SVG file formats. You can now be able to use infinitely customizable fonts, or Variable Fonts within InDesign. And if you’ve been looking for a more efficient way to place lines, or “rules,”  between columns of text will now have an automated, painless way to do so. This release also includes improvements to InDesign’s core performance. Launch times for InDesign could be up to 25% faster at launch. They’ve also fixed or enhanced more than 50+ requests from the Adobe community.

SVG files

Now you can place SVG graphics in InDesign. This file format is a popular format used across digital and print design workflows.

Variable fonts

You can now use variable fonts in this release. Variable fonts are an OpenType font format that offers unparalleled typeface personalization. Designers can adjust typeface properties such as weight, width, slant, and optical size, just to name a few.

Column rules

For multi-column designs that have a line, or “rule,” separating them, you’ll no longer need to manually draw the line—now the process is automated.

Find similar image

For any placed image used in your document, you can now easily find alternative images from Adobe Stock to complete your layout design.


Just as important as bug-fixing is improving app performance, and I’m happy to report that InDesign 2020 offers some significant improvements in that area that are sure to make your work easier. One such enhancement is in text. In previous releases and in certain situations, it was common to be typing away in InDesign only to be forced to sit and wait for the display to catch up. This version promises faster text composition when working with vertical justification in frames, balance columns, and span columns.

In addition to overall performance improvements, Adobe has also worked hard to stamp out sources of document corruption that have resulted in lost work for some users. Many of those sources have been removed in this release.

Interface Changes

You’ll notice a few minor interface changes when working in InDesign 2020. I hope you’ll find, as I have, that some of these changes result in better usability and easier access to features.

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